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The Problem

Finley Holiday Films has long been THE name for National Parks Films. If you’ve ever bought a movie at a national park, they probably made it. But as the face of media was changing, they wanted to branch out and start Finley Holiday Productions to begin creating theater films that could be played on site, craft documentaries and more. Their site, however, was really dated and just didn’t show off the impressive quality of their films. So they reached out and I dove in. 

Setting the Right Goals

Finley Holiday already had contacts across the nation so their site didn’t need to bring in new clients, rather it needed to convince these contacts that a new theater film or social media campaign would really benefit their park. It was quickly clear that I had to create the site to encourage ongoing viewing. The videos would speak for themselves, we just needed people to watch them. So I did away with all the typical capture features (email signups, lots of social media follows, etc) and any extra images that weren’t attached to a video, so the first action a user is encouraged to take is to click that play button. 

Blending Nature & Tech

In our continuing effort to help this site speak to park directors, we crafted a brand for them that was a beautiful blend of nature and technology. Traditionally, nature and tech are set at odds, but this brand needed to show them seamlessly blending since Finley Holiday uses their technological prowess to help educate visitors and preserve the natural parks. We pulled together a natural color palette – highlighting the blue sky, green forests, and red deserts – modern, sleek typography, and images that primarily focus on nature, but often show technology present in that natural space. It all comes together to create a very modern feel in a natural environment.

Jumping in With Content

Initially, Finley Holiday was planning to write their own content for the site, but then a huge job came in and it put all additional work on hold. However, their business was growing quickly and they didn’t want to miss any opportunities to use their new site since even the site design had already landed them a prospective client. To help speed things up, I came to their offices with a recorder and sat down with Mark and Kevin for a two hour interview.  Afterwards, I sat down and wrote out their content in less than a week and we were able to launch the site almost immediately afterwards.

Site Launch & Results

We launched the site on January 5th, 2018 and it was instantly a success. The production side of their company is growing rapidly and the site continues to help them make sale after sale. With the ability to quickly add new projects, the portfolio feels alive and vibrant without taking too much valuable time. We’re now discussing future expansions of affiliate brands as their company continues to expand.

Karyn was great to work with to develop a new website from the ground up.  Our old site was dated and not inspiring at all.  Karyn was able to help us develop a vision for our new site that was engaging and effective.  Thanks to Karyn, our new website inspires clients to use our video production services and really puts a creative and professional face on what we can do for our clients.  I really liked how Karyn was able to sit down with us, take notes and absorb what we were after, and then turn that into reality on our website.  She saved us so much time.  I would highly recommend Keene Web Design to anyone who wants a more effective website for their business.

Mark Finley

Owner, Finley Holiday Productions

We really needed a sleek and elegant website for our portfolio and Karyn delivered a site that far surpassed our expectations! She consistently came up with creative solutions for specific needs we had and took the time to understand our aesthetic and brand. I would work with Keene Web Design again in a heartbeat.

Kevin Christensen

Director, Finley Holiday Productions

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