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The Cause

Marci is one of those tenacious people who’s ready to tear down the doors of the courts and demand justice. She runs an advocacy organization to ensure those who lacked access to justice could be heard and receive a fair trial, especially women who were victims of domestic abuse. Marci came to me through another client, Clayton Community Church (I love churches like this one who actively fight for their communities) who was willing to fund the project to see justice come to Contra Costa County. I eargerly jumped on board.

Finding the Message

Before meeting Marci, I had no idea how many obstacles faced people in the justice system, especially women and children. However, we couldn’t solve every problem – at least not at first! So together we spent hours distilling her mission and her vision,  breaking things down into achievable growth points. Once we figured out her audience and her message, it was time to start designing.

Design Leading to Action

The main goal of the website was to get people to volunteer their time or resources to the organization, so every page was crafted to inspire people to get involved. From the copy, to the images, to the accessibility of contact forms, everything worked together to tell the story of justice in our country and motivate visitors to take immediate action. I designed the site with tiers of information in mind. Those who came to the site ready to help, could sign up on the homepage. No extra clicks necessary. However, those who wanted to know more before making a commitment were gently guided through layers of increasingly deep information, with plentiful opportunities to respond throughout.

Being Discoverable

As a young organization, it was important that this site was easy to find through Google searches. I did extensive research targeted at Contra Costa County specifically, and pulled together an SEO strategy for the site. Together, we then crafted content that would be compelling to readers and also rank high in Google’s algorithms.

Site Launch & Results

While the site was completed in January of 2018, there are still a number of legal processes that need to be completed before we can launch the site. The site is currently sitting behind an Under Construction page, and will only be a click away when she’s ready. 

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