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The Problem

Clayton Community Church is a quickly growing church in the East Bay Area, however their website was outdated and turning away visitors and new members. They reached out to me to help them revitalize their brand and online presence to attract new visitors.

Setting Goals

When they reached out to me, we met up in OC for coffee and talked through their business, their style, and their goals. They wanted to primarily focus on wedding and engagement photography, but have the ability to show-off some creative/personal photography projects as well.

Determining Pricing

One of their biggest quetsions was about how much to charge for their shoots. I guided them through the process of breaking down their costs, figuring out a desired hourly rate, and working that into appealing packages for their clients. Knowing the costs and reasons behind their prices, they’ve been able to quote higher prices with confidence and get more work than ever before.

End Result

I created a portfolio for them that showcased their best work in their desired growth areas and also set up a blog where they could present more artistic/creative shoots and describe the thoughts behind their art.

Site Launch & Results

Since the launch of the new portfolio site, Alli & Dave have been able to better showcase their work to potential clients leading to more and more work for their photography business!
Ugh. Karyn is a WIZARD. The site works perfectly on mobile and is exactly what I was looking for. Allison Oh

Owner/Photographer, Alli-Dave Photography