Alexis Jewelry

artisan e-commerce site

The Problem

Alexis is a local LA artisan who specializes in making elegant, handcrafted jewelry. Her shop had been on WordPress for years, but the developer who created their theme stopped updating it and the site became unusable. Sales had dropped off completely and it was constantly barraged by spam-bots. She needed someone who could preserve the look of her original site, and ensure it would work well for years to come.

Finding What Matters

I conference called Alexis and we discussed the elements of the site that were important to her, what design elements needed to be preserved, and which could change. We created a plan of action, and I dove in.

E-Commerce & More

The new site preserved the aesthetic of her previous store, but now featured a fullscreen slider, a blog connected to her Instagram, a press section, spam protection, and of course beautiful displays of her many products

Site Launch & Results

Since launching her new site, Alexis Jewelry’s online experience has significantly improved. She no longer spends hours sifting through spam comments and deleting fake accounts. Sales have picked back up, and business is rolling!